Pearson Education

Pearson is by far the largest player in the $20B K-12 EdTech space. Here's what I did to improve their student assessment and evaluation platform.


Re-Platform to Bootstrap

Pearson's main product in the K-12 education space for tracking student assessment performance required a complete front end overhaul. As the UX Lead in this project, I took on the task of modernizing the complete end to end flows and screens into the Bootstrap platform. Here's an example of one of the hundreds of wireframes required to spec out the conversion.


We interviewed several groups of teachers and observed their usage to gain insights on their current use patterns. I ran a focus group with the technology support staff to note recurring themes that occur on a higher level. The research allowed us to tune our efforts to execute low hanging fruit. 

Product Flows

As part of the re-platforming effort, the key product flows were redone to optimize the number of steps required to accomplish core tasks.

A Step Closer

Higher fidelity wireframing is done to better imagine interaction states.

Add Assets

Wireframes get closer to mockups as we start to add real assets to examine how dense information gets displayed. 

Real Content

As we get closer to final screens, we change mock content to real world content to verify fit and usability.