Solar Proposal Tool

The Solar Proposal Tool was born out of an opportunity to efficiently educate consumers about a unique way to finance clean energy upgrades. It had to accomplish two goals. First, let the sales force design an appropriate solar system customized for the specifics of a home. The consumer follows the constructed narrative and learns the the details of what they're buying and why it's configured a certain way.  Second, the tool ties in why this financing product is the best way to pay for this home upgrade. 

Market & Persona Research

Our first task was to get in the heads and daily lives of our target users. We took this opportunity to make several field visits to solar sales offices throughout Southern California. We interviewed and observed each user at length and formulated robust personas. These were crucial in designing to the core motivations of the identified user groups.

User Flows

We found what drove these users, what they were afraid of, what they couldn’t do without. Using these insights, we made workflows by combining the most successful strategies that each sales team used. The goal with this new tool was to enable fresh green sales persons with little experience to effectively utilize veteran sales tactics on their first day.

Prototype & Usability Testing

With this strategy an interactive prototype was crafted in Indigo Studio. Several sales managers at a variety of companies were recruited to review the tool. We took their feedback, our own stakeholder feedback and executed several rounds of iterations to perfect the product before it was specced up for development. 

A few of the hundreds of wireframes and revisions needed to finish production.

Wireframing & Development

Proceeding with an agile development methodology, a local team of developers tackled the months long process of sprinting to a releasable product. With daily check-ins, we were able to get the initial release close to the original design specs. While development was underway, constant usability testing was conducted to improve the product in flight.

The final agreed upon flow for general release. A limited beta release process was used for a month to iron out final bugs or catastrophic UX issues. Without any major show stopper bugs found but several insights gained, we launched.

Launch & Reception

Market reception was extremely positive with immediate upticks in sales for the specific personas we targeted. After launch - we continually improved it. Further field research revealed weaknesses which were categorized and scheduled for redesign. It is a process of continual improvement in a highly competitive environment.